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Pop-Up Pack: See our dispenser in action.
Standard Range: Black print on a choice of five label backgrounds and the label sizes
Supreme Range: Gold or Silver print on black or white labels
Colour Range: Red, Blue or Green Print on a range of white labels
Custom Sizes: White labels with black print in a range of useful sizes
Distributors' Information E-mail:

has always had a special relationship with its customers who sell on, from printshops to mail-order catalogues.  We have distributors in several countries worldwide and are always looking for suitable individuals or organisations who are willing and able to manage mail-order label sales.

The labels need not necessarily be delivered to the distributor, but instead they can be despatched under "plain cover" directly to the purchaser/end-user.   There is usually no start up fee for an agency, but a suitable agent should be English Speaking and have access to a fax machine (E-mail is also extremely useful).  They must be able to help with their customers' enquiries and be able to provide suitable mail-order advertising for their country or region.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for please ">E-mail us with your details.  We will contact you about your application and suggest how best to proceed.


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