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Pop-Up Pack: See our dispenser in action.
Standard Range: Black print on a choice of five label backgrounds and the label sizes
Supreme Range: Gold or Silver print on black or white labels
Colour Range: Red, Blue or Green Print on a range of white labels
Custom Sizes: White labels with black print in a range of useful sizes
Custom Sizes E-mail:

Custom Sized Labels

If you cannot find a label size to suit your needs, our custom sized label range offers a selection of labels printed  black on white sized from 70 x 11mm to 152 x 100mm.

Click on a label for prices or to order!

Click here to Order 70x11mmClick here to Order 64x24mmClick here to Order 89x36mmClick here to Order 89x49mmClick here to Order 102x75mm

Click here to Order 104x75mmClick here to Order 127x100mmClick here to Order 152x100mm

The Default Typeface is Switzerland available in normal or Bold print

The following typefaces are available at no extra cost: